How to Find the Perfect Dress Shirt

Hey Girl! 

It's Jill here, owner and Stylist from The Dressing Room in Stratford, Ontario. Do you know a woman that is always on point with her fashion? I have a retired client, and now all she wears is dress shirts and jeans, and she always looks fantastic! Every woman needs a dress shirt! I will help you depict what you need when you are looking for this essential clothing piece. You will always look your best and be confident in any scenario, whether lunch dates, office meetings or dinners out. 

What to look for in a Dress Shirt: 

  1. Fit: A little bit of shaping is good, not too big, or you'll look like a tent
  2. Length: Longer shirts are best
  3. Colour: Black or white for a look that can transform from day to night
  4. Sleeve: Watch the width. Fuller woman not too wide

Your shirt's best fit will depend on your body type. Whether you are round, heavy on top or square-shaped, there is a shirt for you.  

Dressing For Your Body Type:

Rounded Body: Look for a shirt with a set-in shoulder and keep the sleeve straight. Long tops are good with a little bit of shaping, do not go too loose! Be sure to wear a flat waisted pant and no belts over the shirt. 

Heavy on Top: Find a soft shirt, nothing too loose. One that comes in at the bottom and has a great collar. Be sure to button down to create a great "V" neckline. 

Square Shaped: Search for a shirt with shaping, which comes out at the bottom to create an hour-glass feel. An embellished or wider sleeve is excellent.

There are so many great dress shirts to choose from, and now you have the tools to dress for your body shape. Remember the four key components to look for while shopping for that perfect basic: fit, length, colour and sleeve. Check out our shirts online or visit us in-store to have one of our stylists help you find that perfect basic! 

Your Stylist,