Spring Trends 2021: Prints & Colours

I can't believe it's the end of February! I don't know about you, but I find in February I live in my leggings, but it's time to ditch those elastic waistbands, ladies! Spring is coming. Say goodbye to dreary winter, and hello, sunshine! We have been ready for Spring fashion trends for a while but eagerly waiting for deliveries. This week our racks are getting filled with all the fabulous finds for the season. So let me share with you the top colours and prints that we are in love with. 



Top Spring Prints & Colour Trends:

  1. Big Plantation Prints: These prints look amazing with a pair of sleek well-fitted jeans for a gorgeous fresh, vibrant look.
  2. Large Floral Prints: Let this piece be the feature of your outfit. Pair it with neutral finds and a pair of fabulous shoes.  
  3. Plaids: Pick your favourite plaid shirt or pant and pair it with a colour from the print for a cohesive and professional look.
  4. Colours: Fire and Gold will be huge this Spring, but don't forget to show your love for the Blues, Blushes and Khaki Greens. 



This winter has definitely been a different one. Still, we are excited more than ever to get outside, throw away our yoga pants and dress up. Grab a glass of wine, head to your closet, grab your favourite prints and neutrals, and start pairing. If you find you're missing a fabulous new piece, head over to the store or visit us online at www.dressingroomstratford.com to find the latest and on-trend spring fashion.


Your Stylist,